Week 9

While I sat wondering what are the challenges or unjust things that we face in the world, typical ideas such as war, racism, global warming, politics, sexism and what not, occurred. However after struggling pick a topic for my project that would hope to make a difference, I realised I had spent most of my time scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, watching youtube videos or checking my messages. This made me realise the question I should pose would be the one thing that consumed or existed mostly in my life and in fact many others in the millennial generation – Technology. Mirzoeff discusses many ideas on how our world has become a ‘Global Village’ meaning “the world considered as a single community linked by telecommunications.” Although technology has been around for many years since the first camera, television or first film. As the digital world continues to grow electronics are not so much a treasure in a home in todays generation – In fact it would be strange not to own any sort of digital device in this era.

There are many things I could discuss in terms of technology. How technology could manipulate ones perspective on seeing the world. E.g photoshopped images – The distortion of a human figure (woman in general) or the use of tiled rendering (Mirzoeff,2015). The filters used to change the way we see things in the world. How technology allows a 24/7 update on places in the world. How we choose to present ourselves through media. How the use of technology affects us and whether its good or not.


Millennial generation – Those born between 1976 and the latest 2004. (Varies according to different sources)

Tiled rendering –  a is the process of subdividing a computer graphics image by a regular grid in optical space and rendering each section of the grid, or tile, separately.

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