Week 12

Final Piece.


My final piece explains that the key to overcoming the future consequences of technology is to allow younger kids to use technology within moderation. It is almost inevitable that children younger than 5 will have some form of encounter with technology, however it is a parent/guardians job to make sure their kids are using these devices within moderation. “Children who have grown up with this technology from a young age, will be in a better position to recognise the importance and central nature of technological skills – but this shouldn’t be to the detriment of reading, writing and the interaction of play with physical toys and nature.” (Josie Gurney-Read, 2013) My final piece style I hope catches the eye of older audiences as well as young to serve as awareness that it is important to have a balance. Whether it is your kids or you who needs it. As our transition into a global village becoming increasingly smaller, it is important to be aware of the benefits but also the dangers of it.

My final piece would be stronger I feel if found a way to show the message without having to use the letters. However I wanted to add in “save your kids from the long painful trip down” to show the long term effects of the off use of technology which many were explained in interview with Simon Sinek ‘Millennials in the Workplace’. Where he described the many things that I and many of my peers go through. In order for my intentions to be direct I wanted to keep my final as simple as I could.

Nicholas Mirzoeffs book “How to see the world” allowed us to have a tool to expose the long process of our transition into a networked world. He gave us insight on how things worked and made me understand the manipulation and the power that technology has. In saying this he saved me from years of being naive to our filtered world. One of the many great things I learnt was the strength of visual activism and visual culture. Being able to create art as a form of protest or make aware is important and I hope is reflected in my final piece.





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