Week 11

Creative Work

Some ideas I had originally drawn

1) Toddler confined in a glass ‘symbolic for stuck behind a screen’ holding a device while nature and sports are surrounding it outside the glass

2) Trail of devices leading away from childhood, Id use colour of the door to distinguish the difference between a good bad one – however the idea seemed to one sided

3) Child being hypnotised by device – Seemed to clique

4) Brain development being stopped by an Iphone – Did this idea but then I realised that it would give off the impression of the use of it being bad instead of the message being to much is bad. It also would confuse the audience as the figure would be obvious enough to be a child therefore the 75% loading would not make sense in terms of my intentions being that a child specifically has developed its brain by 80% at age 3 and would be affected if affiliated around to much technology

5) Alcohol on the top shelf, cigarettes on the second shelf, and a technological device on the third. All things that contain dopamine which is highly addictive which Simon Sinek spoke on in a interveiw – (link in reference) Caption would be “Would you buy you let your kids play with these?” Hence its reson being on a toy shelf where the X’s would consist of toys too.

6) Kid playing with a phone. On the back of the phone it would show perspective on a world behind screens and would either be gloomy in referring to whats inside technology or have something nice and bright to show the outside world  away from technology however it didnt show balance of both within moderation of technology.

Tech 1

I then tried to create one of these ideas however it did not turn out how I wanted it to. It wasnt appealing and it didnt send my intended message.

I then thought more about the solution then the problem and thats when I came up with the idea for my final. I drew many drafts of my final on balance and moderation of technology usage with kids. I then after many colour changes and edits I decided to return to the fundamental principles I learnt from my Screen Studio and applied them into my final edit.



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