Week 7

Write a short review a couple of the videos on the section in Stream called Resources for building a visual and contextual analysis  pointing to how the ideas might help you with your project

John Berger / Ways of Seeing , Episode 1 (1972)

In this episode John Berger discusses how cameras allow us to be freed from boundaries of time and space. “The camera has changed not only what we see, but how we see it”. The camera has changed the way we see paintings. He discusses how its importance is now changed due to its 24/7 availability provided by media network and its main source – a camera. He uses Botticelli’s famous painting ‘Venus and Mars’ as an example. This painting is unique and could only be seen in the room it was in but can now be seen in a million different places at the same time. “It is the image of the painting which travels now”. Meaning the need to travel to witness these paintings ourselves have he explains how the stillness of a painting can be striking but cannot be witnessed on own devices or even on pages as they are not still. This episode also discusses how the cameras use of techniques can change how the painting is viewed. E.g Zooming, spanning across a painting, cropping, colour disfiguration, basically how the camera can distort a painting. The camera itself is not the only thing that can change the meaning of a painting. Words around it, music which plays over it, placement or sequence on a page changes it.


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